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Running for Parkside Condominium 
Board of Directors in 2023

Hello! I'm running for a seat on the Board of Directors at Parkside Condominium in April 2023. To learn more about me and my background, experience and ideas for Parkside, please scroll down.
Please vote for me in April 2023!

Nancy Lee Campaign Video
Amanda Lee

Nancy Lee Campaign Video



Because YOU Care about Parkside and I Care about YOU!

I care deeply about Parkside and I would love the chance to serve you on the Board of Directors for the next two years, starting in 2023. I love new challenges and I am passionate about turning my ideas into reality. I love working collaboratively with people and I believe I have a unique set of skills that will help you, as a stakeholder in Parkside, feel heard and appreciated. Below are examples of my experience that will help me in serving you and in bringing about positive changes at Parkside. If you would like to express your suggestions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Customer Service and
Marketing Experience 

  • Career focused on information research, as a corporate librarian, trainer/marketing rep. and customer service manager

  • Passionate about dissemination of information, customer service and fixing problems

  • People should feel heard and represented well by the Board

  • I will always respond to you in a a timely manner

Screenshot 2023-03-16 152319.jpg

Knowledge of Technology 

  • Familiar with many forms of computer hardware: smartphones, printers, HDML screens, streaming, Windows, Apple, etc.

  • Familiar with many forms of computer software: MS Office, Apple iOS, zoom, WebEx, 

  • Knowledge and use of all social media platforms

  • Content creator: documents, tables, spreadsheets, brochures, presentations, manuals etc.

  • I will make sure information gets disseminated quickly and in as many forms as possible so you will be able to make informed decisions


 Collaborative Problem Solver

  • Experienced working as a team member whether it is setting goals, budgeting,  or trying to fix a process or other problem

  • Use this step by step approach with finding problems with software or hardware, or even when I'm fixing things around my house or properties.

  • I will actively work to overcome the problems existing at Parkside that create a negative impact for owners, residents and property values.




I have been an owner at Parkside since 1987, and after marrying and starting a family, I continued renting out my unit which I still do to this day. I love Parkside and I want to contribute to its continuation as a jewel of a community in Montgomery County. Currently I am semi-retired, but I do work 2 to 3 days a week in a golf pro shop. I am a widow and have a daughter in her 20's.I am excited to be able to help bring Parkside Condominium into the 21st century and achieve our goals for the future.


Thanks for submitting!

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